Who Is Button The Mouse?

The Button the Mouse children’s books are a series of wonderful books. Each story is highly interesting with beautiful watercolor illustrations. They have values that should be learned, practiced and retained as they grow.

The morals relevant to each story are found at the end of each book. Examples from one of the books picked at random are: (1) Don’t open the door to strangers; (2) Never, ever steal; (3) It is good to forgive others; (4) There is great value in having a true friend.

All of the books have Christian values and are divided into 4 series. Five books are in each set. They can be purchased individually or in sets. Fifteen books are completed with series number 4 still to be illustrated.

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I currently own all books that have been written by Sandra Yocum and beautifully illustrated by her husband, Larry Yocum. These books are far deeper than simple stories about a little mouse, Button and his mama. They reach far into the human spirit and inspire children (and parents) to be the best they can be.

Sandra lovingly leads up to the morals, usually 2 or 3, she intends children to explore and learn in each book. If there is any doubt what the morals are, she has listed them at the end of the book and they provide rich topics for family discussions following the reading of each story. These books are written for all audiences; however, God is mentioned and they certainly have great appeal for the Christian reader.